Custom Monogram Gobo Projections

Gobo projections add that wow factor to your night, turning a blank wall or a dancefloor into a screen to have your name/logo written right across the wall.

Custom Gobos can be whatever you like if you want a logo or an image all we require is you to send us through the image or idea you want and our graphic artist will create a couple of designs for you to choose from.

We will send you a proof copy to confirm before we print and make the gobo.
Our gobo projectors specifications;
- Battery powered (5hours battery life at full power)
- IR remote to controller to power on/off and dimming features
- very bright 10w LED light
- scissor clamp to clamp to drop ceiling supports
- strong magnet to affix to any metal surface
- Manual zoom & Focus


Premade single color designs - $100 each
Custom single color Gobo Designs - $180 each
Full color custom design - $200 each
installation and delivery - POR
Servicing the Southwest and Perth regions.